Marc H. Helsinger, PhD

Dr. Marc H. Helsinger is a Managing Director of Technology for OFSCap, LLC as well as, President of Dynamic GeoVentures, LLC, a global oil and gas consulting company. Marc was recently Executive Vice President of Exploration and Business Development for Focus Exploration, an offshore oil company and was responsible for oversight of all technical project evaluations, project prioritization and business development. Mr. Helsinger has a successful track record in originating, managing and developing moderate risk high potential oil and gas programs both onshore and offshore. He has generated and developed over 100 prospects offshore Texas and Louisiana.

Marc is a specialist in oil and gas program management, advanced geophysical and geological analysis. He is a prolific prospect generator and a recognized expert in Sequence and Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis-Seismic Geomorphology combined with Multivariate Attribute Analysis as well as 3-D visualization software. These techniques provide a critical competitive advantage as well as delineating new trends and plays that have gone unrecognized or under evaluated by normal industry analysis. Throughout his career he has provided advanced technology seminars to oil and gas companies and major geological societies on these specialized techniques. He is involved with a number of companies focused on exploration and exploitation in West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, and Asia. Domestic US activities include assisting and establishing joint ventures for U.S exploration companies to evaluate underutilized and under evaluated 3-D data programs. Marc is actively associated with the development of new reprocessing techniques that could be breakthroughs in seismic evaluation and interpretation.

Dr. Helsinger has a Ph.D. and M.S Degree in Geology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is also a former National Science Foundation Fellow and National Defense Fellow. In addition he is an A.A.P.G Certified Geologist (CPG # 2437), a State of Texas Certified Geologist (#5124) and a SIPES Certified Geologist. He is a member of the Houston World Affairs Council, Houston Producers Forum, Oil Council, A.A.P.G., SIPES, Houston Geological Society, the Geophysical Society of Houston, A.D.A.M Houston Energy Network, Exploration Managers Association and the Acquisition Forum.