Investment Banking

OFSCap’s investment banking team consists of more than 17 energy investment banking professionals across a number of countries.

As a boutique investment banking firm dedicated exclusively to the energy sector, OFSCap is able to provide highly focused advisory and financing expertise to its clients.


In Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), OFSCap provides both buy-side and sell-side advisory services.


OFSCap can manage and assist either private or public companies or private equity firms regarding buy-side mandates.  Our relationships, country and market knowledge with target entities will expedite strategic acquisitions and transactions.


This is our specialty.  OFSCap provides principal lead customized sell-side advisory services to public and private energy industry companies.   We work directly with senior management to develop a strong game plan based on their objectives and goals.  Our team can provide the expertise and develop a strategy for either a targeted group of potential buyers or organize a broad auction process.

Whether buy-side or sell-side OFSCap can advise on structure, valuation, comparables and provide negotiating points and terms.  We can also provide various stakeholder groups, board of directors and investment committees with customized advisory and industry knowledge or reports.

Institutional Private Equity

OFSCapcan assist in: Growth Equity, Recapitalizations, or Leverage Buyouts

We have knowledge and maintain relationships with numerous global private equity players and fund managers. Our team has relationships with over 200 world wide institutional private equity funds that will invest in the energy sector.   Every funding group is different with unique investment criteria and factors, including: the size of investment, country or region, geographic footprint of the company, stage of the company in its life cycle, and structure of the transaction.  By maintaining quality relationships with these firms, our clients are insured of a strong and competitive equity placement.

Fairness Opinions

OFSCap can provide timely and complete Fairness Opinions and Valuations.   We are able to provide complete and clear reports to management, board of directors, or other stakeholders on negotiated or market valuations.   The investment banking process always encompasses the concept of valuation. Whether a public or private transaction, OFSCap will spend the time and compile the comparable information required.