Company Representation

OFSCap has a unique position in being able to bridge multiple countries in multiple energy disciplines.

Strategic Planning and Business Consulting

A core competence is the ability of our team to provide assistance in evaluating a strategic plan or scope before a financial transaction.   This could involve a company desiring to sell a product in a new country or an E&P company looking to partner in a different region.  Under these scenarios one must evaluate many aspects of the local business environment as well as the personality of the company wishing to expand.   This could include:

  • Market Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation and Planning

Country Entry/Local Partner Solutions

Another strength of OFSCap is our ability to provide customized day-to-day advice on new market entry.  We are able to assist in market development, identify local partners and alliances, and procure or coordinate local suppliers.  Additionally, we are able to assist in the recruitment of local human resources.